NHL trade-asset tiers: Buyers guide to the deadline


The baseline reaction to the annual NHL trade deadline is that it’s always underwhelming, which is frankly unfair.

It’s like going into a movie having seen all the trailers and read all the spoilers and then being disappointed when the action on the screen doesn’t match the movie in your head. The movie in your head is the fun, just like the anticipation of the trade deadline is the fun. We don’t watch to see which third-pairing defenseman was traded for which fourth-round pick; we’re watching for those fleeting moments when big trades feel like they can be willed into existence.

All that said: Yeah, on paper, the 2020 NHL trade deadline seems a little underwhelming when compared to those of recent years. Due respect to Chris Kreider, Jean-Gabriel Pageau and Sami Vatanen, but we’re not exactly talking John Tavares, Matt Duchene and Erik Karlsson here. Where this season’s trade deadline gets a bit more interesting is in the sheer volume of teams that are still in the playoff hunt. According to Money Puck, as of Monday there were 22 teams competing for 16 spots that had a better than 30% chance of making the postseason cut.

As shopping season intensifies ahead of the Feb. 24, 3 p.m. ET deadline, here is a tier-by-tier look at the NHL trading block: the rentals, the investments and the wild-card stars whose availability could turn this deadline on its collective head. All salary and contract information comes from our friends at CapFriendly unless otherwise noted, and all stats are current as of Feb. 9.

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Stats: 48 GP | 12 G | 9 A | 21 P
Contract: $5.75 million AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

Granlund seemed like he was a goner earlier this season. He hadn’t clicked with the Predators, and he’s a 27-year-old hitting UFA status this offseason. But since John Hynes took over as head coach, Granlund has seen an uptick: five points in his past seven games, and a demonstrable increase in ice time. That doesn’t mean the Predators won’t still cut bait with him at the deadline, but it’s no longer the near certainty that it was.

Stats: 53 GP | 21 G | 13 A | 34 P
Contract: $3.1 million AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

The 27-year-old center has been the focus of trade speculation all season, as the next in a line of talented UFA-aged forwards seemingly out the door in Ottawa. He has the offensive goods, with 7.8 goals scored above average this season, his first 20-goal season in the NHL. The Senators will try to lock him up, but if that’s fruitless, he’s the best rental center available in a pure seller’s market. If someone antes up a first-round pick, it’s hard to imagine GM Pierre Dorion turning it down.

Stats: 34 GP | 4 G | 3 A | 7 P
Contract: $3.1 million AAV, RFA this summer, no trade protection

The Sabres and Rodrigues are headed for a split at some point, with the 26-year-old center’s reported trade demand and the fact that his ice time is down more than four minutes per game under Ralph Krueger (with several healthy scratches). But this would be selling extremely low: His minus-3.1 goals scored above average is second-worst on the Sabres.


Stats: 16 GP | 1 G | 2 A | 3 P
Contract: $6 million AAV, UFA in 2021, 8-team no-trade list

Backes hasn’t formally requested a trade after his minor league demotion, and it wouldn’t really matter if he did: The Bruins are going to have to find a way to clear his salary with a trade partner that wants to take on his contract for another season in exchange for a pick or a prospect. He’ll turn 36 on May 1, and as the past two seasons have shown, time has caught up to the physical centerman.

Stats: 57 GP | 16 G | 9 A | 25 P
Contract: $5,272,727 AAV, UFA in 2022, no trade protection

The 35-year-old center is having his best season in three years, which isn’t saying much considering he has a minus-3.1 goals scored above average. His best offensive years are in his rearview mirror, but if someone wanted him and the Kings were willing to take on part of that cap hit, we’re sure GM Rob Blake would listen. (One of those teams that kicked the tires, reportedly is Carter’s former team, the Flyers.)

Stats: 47 GP | 7 G | 17 A | 25 P
Contract: $6 million AAV, UFA in 2024, no trade protection

Completing our troika of centers with contracts of which their teams would happily rid themselves, Turris has been available for a year and hasn’t been shipped out. This is one where the Predators are going to have to retain some salary, but the 30-year-old is just productive enough where a change in scenery and the right price could facilitate a deal. This feels like an offseason play, though.


Stats: 40 GP | 7 G | 14 A | 21 P
Contract: $3 million AAV, RFA this summer, no trade protection

The 25-year-old speedster has taken a mighty tumble from his 30-goal season, which certainly brings down the price of his next RFA deal. His availability comes down to whether GM Steve Yzerman sees a player he didn’t draft as part of the Red Wings’ future. (And if the GM who did draft him, Ken Holland, wants to ante up to see Double-A fly with Connor McDavid…)

Stats: 52 GP | 8 G | 14 A | 22 P
Contract: $1.85 million AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

The 28-year-old winger would be a nice depth addition to a contender’s forward group, especially for his defense. But his availability depends entirely on whether the Rangers see him as a part of their rebuild going forward and, potentially, on whether they retain the services of Chris Kreider.

Stats: 50 GP | 6 G | 6 A | 12 P
Contract: $4.3 million AAV, UFA this summer, 10-team no-trade clause

Buffalo traded for Frolik to stabilize its season after mounting injuries, and he has a disappointing one goal and an assist in 12 games. Could the 31-year-old forward, an accomplished penalty killer with a Stanley Cup ring from the 2013 Blackhawks, end up back on the trade block?

Stats: 45 GP | 5 G | 12 A | 17 P
Contract: $4.9 million AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

He was the most significant piece the Penguins acquired for Phil Kessel, but the gamble didn’t pay off: He has one assist in his past eight games and has played under 10 minutes in seven of them. On Monday, Galchenyuk was sent to the Wild as a salary dump in the Jason Zucker trade. Minnesota is his fourth team in three seasons. He’ll have a few months to audition before unrestricted free agency — unless, of course, the Wild flip him again at the deadline.

Stats: 54 GP | 21 G | 24 A | 45 P
Contract: $5,187,500 AAV, UFA this summer, 10-team no-trade clause

The Panthers are very much in the playoff race, so logic would dictate they’d keep a player on pace for his second straight 30-plus-goal season. But questions linger about whether the 30-year-old winger is in their future plans, and if they could bolster their defense corps in exchange for Hoffman.

Stats: 51 GP | 3 G | 5 A | 8 P
Contract: $2 million AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

The 29-year-old is an asset on the penalty kill and can help someone’s bottom-six forwards, but there’s a prevailing wisdom that the Sharks will seek to re-sign him as a veteran depth player.

Stats: 32 GP | 9 G | 12 A | 21 P
Contract: $700,000 AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

When the Canadiens brought on Kovalchuk following his Kings buyout, flipping him at the trade deadline seemed like a near certainty. But with six goals and six assists in 15 games, along with a shootout winner, has Kovalchuk raised his stock for that inevitable deadline deal or endeared himself to the Canadiens to the point where it’s his new hockey home?

Stats: 52 GP | 20 G | 18 A | 38 P
Contract: $4.625 million AAV, UFA this summer, 11-team no-trade clause

Kreider is the belle of the trade deadline ball. The 28-year-old power forward goes to the net hard — sometimes too hard, as goalies will tell you — for goals. He’s a physical player and an asset on the power play. The Bruins, Avalanche and Blues are among the expected suitors … if the Rangers decide they’re not going to re-sign him, which isn’t guaranteed. (Although considering Kevin Hayes got a free-agent deal worth $7.14 million per season as a UFA, ultimately Kreider might be too expensive for the Rangers to bring back.)

Stats: 43 GP | 3 G | 5 A | 8 P
Contract: $2 million AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

A versatile part of two Cup-winning Los Angeles teams, the 33-year-old has just 20 points in his past 87 games and is averaging 11:48 per game, his lowest time on ice since 2011.

Stats: 49 GP | 7 G | 10 A | 17 P
Contract: $3 million AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

The 27-year-old winger needs a change in scenery, enduring through his lowest scoring season in the NHL. His cap hit is a little lofty for a bottom-six forward at the deadline, but his playoff experience (57 games with Pittsburgh, including two Stanley Cup wins) is enticing.

Stats: 54 GP | 5 G | 15 A | 20 P
Contract: $5 million AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

Simmonds is the kind of physical player with net-front presence teams covet at the deadline, which is why Nashville added him last season (to unfortunately deleterious results). A team like Vancouver has been reportedly interested, but the Devils might opt to keep the 31-year-old around as a positive locker room influence on what should be a younger team next season.

Stats: 54 GP | 12 G | 11 A | 23 P
Contract: $4.25 million AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

The 30-year-old surpassed 20 goals in the previous two seasons, although he’s on pace to miss the mark this year. He’s averaging the lowest ice time of his career (13:11) and doesn’t seem like he’s in the plans going forward, but the Predators are in a playoff race and might not be looking to sell.

Stats: 56 GP | 14 G | 16 A | 30 P
Contract: $4.6 million AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

The 27-year-old wants to remain with the Kings, and it’s good to want things in life. The reality is that he’s a player several teams are interested in — the Penguins and Bruins among them — and Los Angeles would be best served collecting more assets for him at the deadline. He has real value as a top-six winger.


Stats: 54 GP | 21 G | 10 A | 31 P
Contract: $1.8 million AAV, UFA in 2021, no trade protection

Coleman is one of the best bargains in the NHL as a speedy, tenacious forward who has now hit 20 goals in two straight seasons and can be a dynamic penalty killer. Which is why, unless they’re bowled over, the Devils are likely staying in the Blake Coleman business for the foreseeable future.

Stats: 49 GP | 10 G | 7 A | 17 P
Contract: $1.9 million AAV, RFA in 2021, no trade protection

After showing some spark when the Wild acquired him from the Bruins last season, Donato is averaging 0.35 points per game and is skating only 10:38 on average. Combine that with the fact that GM Bill Guerin wasn’t the one who acquired him, and it’s a recipe for a change in scenery before his RFA status hits. His value is in his cap hit and his age (just 23).

Stats: 45 GP | 8 G | 3 A | 11 P
Contract: $3.35 million AAV, UFA in 2021, 8-team no-trade list

It’s hard to imagine the Coyotes shipping out any offensive talent when they’re 21st in goals scored, but Grabner is a candidate. He’s been a healthy scratch this season, and his ice time has dropped by two minutes on average. His legendary speed and penalty kill are attractive assets, and his cap hit isn’t gigantic. He would be much easier to move were it not for that second year on his deal.

Stats: 47 GP | 12 G | 15 A | 27 P
Contract: $3.35 million AAV, UFA in 2023, no trade protection

You have to give to get in this league, and if the Maple Leafs are seeking to take a big swing at a defenseman at the trade deadline, then the 25-year-old forward would be an enticing piece going back the other way. Johnsson is a 20-goal scorer at 25 years old with that “cost-certainty” contract.

Stats: 55 GP | 10 G | 21 A | 31 P
Contract: $3.2 million AAV, RFA in 2022, no trade protection

As with Johnsson, the Maple Leafs would like to keep the 23-year-old around. The cap hit is great, as is the fact that he’s an RFA at the end of the deal. But Kapanen could be in play for the right blockbuster.

Stats: 49 GP | 7 G | 16 A | 23 P
Contract: $2.6 million AAV, RFA in 2021, no trade protection

If Justin Faulk wanted to play in Anaheim, Kase wouldn’t even be a Duck right now. But that trade was nixed, and the 24-year-old forward has gone on to have a middling offensive season despite increased ice time. The Ducks like him a lot, but it’s hard to ignore that his chip was already on the table once this season.

Stats: 49 GP | 7 G | 16 A | 23 P
Contract: $4.65 million AAV, UFA in 2021, 8-team no-trade list

On the one hand, the 29-year-old winger has incredible value as one of the most consistent goal scorers in the NHL over the past five seasons (20-plus goals in each one). To get that for under $5 million annually, and to also get it for a season beyond this one, is attractive for buyers. On the other hand, what’s the sense of having two great young playmakers in Nico Hischier and Jack Hughes if they don’t have anyone to make plays with? The Devils could hang on to Palmieri.

Stats: 43 GP | 16 G | 9 A | 25 P
Contract: $6 million AAV, UFA in 2021, no trade protection

The Blackhawks are getting calls on Saad but might not be all that eager to ship out the 27-year-old forward, who has found his game again in his second stint in Chicago.

Stats: 57 GP | 20 G | 31 A | 51 P
Contract: $4.8 million AAV, UFA in 2021, no trade protection

There’s a lot to unpack here with Tatar. His availability greatly depends on the Canadiens’ place in the standings around the deadline. Frankly, he has found a great fit in Montreal. But his salary, part of which the Golden Knights retained when they moved him to the Habs, is desirable as an asset, especially since his base salary drops to $4.2 million next season. If he’s available, expect suitors like the Penguins and Oilers (he’s a Ken Holland draft pick) to line up for him.


Stats: 52 GP | 7 G |11 A | 18 P
Contract: $1.2 million AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

It’s been an interesting run for the defenseman in Ottawa. What other NHL player has both starred in an infomercial with his owner and foiled a crime? There’s something to be said for the Sens keeping a good soldier like Borowiecki around, at least for his physicality. But the pending free agent is a liability on both ends of the ice, and if someone wants to toss a reasonable draft pick Ottawa’s way for his services, it should take up that offer.

Stats: 19 GP | 1 G |4 A | 5 P
Contract: $5,142,857 AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

He has been buried on the depth chart, is a frequent healthy scratch and has asked for a trade. But for that cap hit, finding a taker at the deadline ahead of UFA status is going to be a very tough order for GM Jason Botterill to fill.

Stats: 54 GP | 13 G | 29 A | 42 P
Contract: $925,000 AAV, RFA this summer, no trade protection

As Newsday noted, the fate of a few Rangers players could be tied to whether they keep or trade Kreider. DeAngelo couldn’t get the multiyear deal he wanted last offseason and responded with a career year ahead of restricted free agency. A right-handed offensive defenseman has value, both for New York and to those seeking a cost-effective boost to their lineup this season. Is the 24-year-old part of GM Jeff Gorton’s burgeoning core on the Rangers, or a piece that can be sold high?

Stats: 36 GP | 2 G | 9 A | 11 P
Contract: $750,000 AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

If it’s a trade deadline, then we’re talking Michael Del Zotto. He has 11 points in 36 games while averaging a surprisingly high 18:10 per game. Someone out there will want a cost-effective veteran offensive defenseman as a spare part. And that someone will be Del Zotto’s seventh team since 2014.

Stats: 45 GP | 0 G | 10 A | 10 P
Contract: $900,000 AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

The Senators would be wise to hang on to the 26-year-old right defenseman, who has been their best blueliner this season while skating 19:52 per game. But he’s a low-cost option who could really bolster a contender’s D-corps, too. It may come down to his desire to remain part of Ottawa’s rebuild.

Stats: 55 GP | 1 G | 13 A | 14 P
Contract: $3.27 million AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

The Sharks have so few assets available who could attract a bidding war at the deadline, but this steady veteran left defenseman is one of them. He’s third on the team in goals scored above average, plays a playoff-style physical defense and is getting a nice showcase this season with 19:15 per game. The Panthers are among the teams for whom Dillon would seem a no-brainer addition.

Stats: 42 GP | 2 G | 6 A | 8 P
Contract: $5.375 million AAV, UFA this summer, 10-team no-trade list

We’ve been here before with Green at the deadline. Like the rest of the Red Wings, the 34-year-old defenseman has suffered through a hellish season, skating to a minus-26. But he remains a backliner who can move the puck and certainly help with passes through the neutral zone. The cap hit is too rich for them, but this is the kind of rental a team like the Golden Knights — the George McPhee connection would be interesting — could use.

Stats: 54 GP | 6 G | 19 A | 25 P
Contract: $1.2 million AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

It’s easier to look beyond his defensive liabilities when he’s scoring 60 points, as he did last season. But Gustafsson hasn’t delivered on that offensive promise in 2019-20. He wants to stay in Chicago, but the Blackhawks aren’t in a position to offer him much in a contract extension. They’re shopping him, and his offensive upside could attract some buyers.

Stats: 48 GP | 1 G | 10 A | 11 P
Contract: $3.5 million AAV, UFA this summer, 10-team no-trade list

We feel obligated to list Hainsey here, given the “everything on the table” mentality of the Senators in the past couple of seasons and the fact that someone might see him as an essential piece to its defensive depth. But the reality is that he turns 39 in March, he’s found a nice fit as a veteran sage in Ottawa and gets along swimmingly with coach D.J. Smith, going back to the Toronto days.

Stats: 47 GP | 4 G | 7 A | 11 P
Contract: $4 million AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

Could we see the defenseman, who turns 30 on Feb. 23, get traded for a second time this season? He has two points in 16 games with Montreal in 17:50 of average ice time. As a pending UFA, one assumes he’ll be available. Buffalo received a fourth-rounder for him last month.

Stats: 47 GP | 5 G | 18 A | 23 P
Contract: $4.875 million AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

Vatanen is one of the best all-around defensemen available on the rental market. He skates well, moves the puck efficiently, can play on special teams and plays a lot of minutes (21:45). It’s a reasonable cap hit that becomes even more reasonable if the Devils retain some of it for a sweetened pot. The Capitals, Predators and Golden Knights should all be kept in mind here.


Stats: 55 GP | 4 G | 14 A | 18 P
Contract: $6 million AAV, UFA in 2023, no trade protection

This falls squarely into the “if there’s a hockey trade to be made, potentially with a team based in Toronto” department. Dumba is a 25-year-old right-side defenseman with term and a 50-point season to his credit. The Wild would listen to any offer at this point for most of their players, but it’ll take something substantial to pry him away.

Stats: 55 GP | 3 G | 15 A | 18 P
Contract: $4.05 million AAV, UFA in 2023, 7-team no-trade list

It’ll be interesting to see what the Canes do with Gardiner. His signing was lauded last summer, but it just hasn’t worked out the way both parties had hoped. His minus-9.3 goals scored above average and his minus-22 are worst on the team by a country mile. He needs a change in scenery, and someone can buy low here to provide him with one.

Stats: 41 GP | 5 G | 7 A | 12 P
Contract: $4.5 million AAV, UFA in 2023, no trade protection

Was that 52-point season an anomaly, or something that Ghost Bear could repeat in a different situation? It would take the right return for the Flyers to move Gostisbehere, who is 26 years old and inked to a very reasonable contract. But those are reasons that someone coveting a puck-moving blueliner might ante up for him. (I think there’s a fit with the Golden Knights, for example.)

Stats: 37 GP | 1 G | 5 A | 6 P
Contract: $4.1 million AAV, UFA in 2022, 12-team no-trade list

Every season, there’s a player in his prime, on a bad team and playing below his career averages who is cast as “trade bait.” The Ducks love him and reportedly aren’t seeking to deal him, especially in an aforementioned down year.

Stats: 39 GP | 1 G | 7 A | 8 P
Contract: $4 million AAV, UFA in 2021, no trade protection

Martinez is better than a lot of the rental options, both in the way he plays and the fact that teams that trade for him get another season at a very reasonable cap hit. He’s past his peak as an NHL defenseman, but he’s a veteran with two Stanley Cup runs to his credit who can bolster anyone’s top four.

Stats: 40 GP | 1 G | 8 A | 9 P
Contract: $3.875 million AAV, UFA in 2022, no trade protection

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before: The Sabres made a deal, and it didn’t work out the way it was intended. Miller skates 17:06 per game, was a steady defenseman for the Golden Knights and could be an easy candidate for a change in scenery with a manageable cap hit.

Stats: 57 GP | 8 G | 27 A | 35 P
Contract: $5.5 million AAV, UFA in 2021, 15-team trade list

If the Canadiens were to make the 32-year-old defenseman available, that would shake up the market considerably. He plays the right side, puts up some offense and can give you 23 minutes a night. His underlying numbers support what the traditional stats tell you, including seven goals scored above average, best among Habs defensemen. Petry has some trade protection, but above all else, he might have the best actual trade protection: The Canadiens love him on their blue line. But UFA status in 2021 and his age could be catalysts for a potential deal.


Crawford’s stats: 28 GP | 10-14-3 | .912 Sv% | 2.92 GAA
Contract: $6 million AAV, UFA this summer, 10-team trade list

Lehner’s stats: 30 GP | 15-8-5 | .923 Sv% | 2.83 GAA
Contract: $5 million AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

We’ll buck the alphabetic presentation in these tiers for the Blackhawks’ goaltending battery. That both Crawford and Lehner are unrestricted free agents makes Chicago’s situation a cloudy one. Cloudier still is how they feel about these two netminders. Crawford, 35, was a member of two Stanley Cup championship teams, so there’s an inherent loyalty there; Lehner is younger (28) and demonstrably better this season (11.2 goals saved above average, to Crawford’s 8.2).

Reports out of Chicago are that the Hawks want to ink Lehner to an extension, and GM Stan Bowman has held preliminary talks to that end. While he’s the more attractive candidate for teams seeking to solidify their goaltending — hello, Carolina — it’s possible he might not be the one who moves. But the biggest complication? That Chicago suddenly has a 33.1% chance of making the playoffs, and having the sixth-best save percentage in the NHL (.913) with this duo is a primary reason. Could the Blackhawks hang on to both?

Bernier’s stats: 32 GP | 12-14-2 | .911 Sv% | 2.82 GAA
Contract: $3 million AAV, UFA in 2021, no trade protection

Howard’s stats: 25 GP | 2-21-2 | .889 Sv% | 3.98 GAA
Contract: $4 million AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

This is almost the funhouse mirror version of the Blackhawks’ conundrum, except the Red Wings have a literal 0% chance of making the playoffs and have a team save percentage of .887. Of the two, Bernier is the more attractive option, as he’s 4 years younger than Howard and signed at a reasonable cost for a backup through next season. Also, the team that acquires him won’t have to explain to its paying customers why it traded for a goalie that, as of Monday, has a record of 2-21-2.

Stats: 26 GP | 11-10-2 | .913 Sv% | 2.75 GAA
Contract: $1.9 million AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

Quietly, Dell has been one of the better goaltending stories of the season. The Sharks’ netminders were maligned for months, essentially getting the blame for Pete DeBoer’s firing. But Dell is 7-4-0 in his past 11 games with a .928 save percentage. He’s singing for his free-agent supper and would be a cheap insurance policy for a contender.

Stats: 25 GP | 12-11-1 | .908 Sv% | 3.12 GAA
Contract: $792,500 AAV, RFA this summer, no trade protection

What are the Rangers going to do with their goaltending spot? Henrik Lundqvist is signed through 2021 with a full no-move clause. Rookie Igor Shesterkin is generally considered to be his heir. Then there’s Georgiev, in his third season and an RFA this summer. Do they hang on to him? Flip him to a contender? Make him the “goalie of the future” somewhere else? It’s anyone’s guess, but one thing is clear: This is an envious position for GM Jeff Gorton to be in.


Stats: 26 GP | 1 G | 3 A | 4 P
Contract: $1.85 million AAV, RFA this summer, no trade protection

This one probably is less a wild card than a potential RFA “rental,” even though Anderson is banged up at the moment. But it’s still a little stunning that a 25-year-old forward coming off a 27-goal season could be in play. Yet in this disappointing season, there’s talk that that’s the case.

Stats: 55 GP | 1 G | 20 A | 21 P
Contract: $4,166,667 AAV, UFA in 2021, no trade protection

Opposing fan bases have been trying to project ways to pry the talented left defenseman out of Minnesota for years. Could it happen, with UFA status looming in 2021 and a new general manager in place? If he were available, teams would line up for him. Will it happen, when he’s right there with Jared Spurgeon as the team’s top defensemen? Probably not.

Stats: 57 GP | 13 G | 23 A | 36 P
Contract: $3.15 million AAV, RFA this summer, no trade protection

His numbers are way off his career highs of last season, his first in Montreal, but that’s no reason to believe that a 24-year-old, whose team holds arbitration rights on him this summer, is going anywhere. Unless, of course, there’s an offer the Canadiens can’t refuse or if they don’t see him as a long-term fit.

Stats: 54 GP | 12 G | 25 A | 37 P
Contract: $8.25 million AAV, UFA in 2021, no-move clause

It’d be a game-changer if he decided to move on from Anaheim, but even with unrestricted free agency looming in 2021, it appears Getzlaf is happy with the Ducks … for now. “Honestly, I have no desire to try to chase a Cup somewhere else,” Getzlaf told The Athletic. “I’d love to bring it back to Anaheim here before I retire. It would be awesome. Again, I can’t predict the future and what’s going to unfold here and what we’re going to do.”

Stats: 52 GP | 13 G | 31 A | 44 P
Contract: $3 million AAV, UFA this summer, no trade protection

The Coyotes didn’t trade for Hall to turn around and trade him again. In fact, GM John Chayka wants to try to persuade him to remain with the franchise beyond this rental. But what if there’s some level of finality on Hall’s part about playing somewhere other than Arizona next season? What if the Coyotes, in the games before the trade deadline, slip below the bubble a bit? What if a contender dazzles Chayka with an offer for Hall and his $3 million cap hit that he can’t refuse, for the future of the team? As wild cards go, this is one of the wildest.

Stats: 53 GP | 6 G | 6 A | 12 P
Contract: $9 million AAV, UFA in 2022, no trade protection

How much P.K. Subban is left in P.K. Subban? That’s the first question, since his past two seasons have been below standards. At 30, is he in decline? Or would a change in scenery and a new challenge — say, playing for the Maple Leafs — light a fire under the onetime Norris winner? One thing is clear: If the Devils move him to hasten their rebuild, they’ll likely have to gobble up some salary in the process.

Stats: 55 GP | 2 G | 22 A | 24 P
Contract: $2 million AAV, UFA this summer, no-move clause

Everyone wants Jumbo to get that last crack at a first Stanley Cup, although it’s becoming increasingly obvious that it wouldn’t be in San Jose. He’s given no indication that he wants to leave the Sharks at this stage of his career. If he does decide to take the Ray Bourque route and hitch his wagon to a Cup contender, there will be suitors. (And who among us wouldn’t want to see the full-circle irony of Thornton pulling a “Bourque” with the team that drafted Jumbo, the Bruins?)

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